Common Questions About Hiring a Disability Attorney for Your Case

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If you believe that you have a disability case on your hands that may require the assistance of a professional disability attorney, then you will want to make sure that you are fully aware of the entire process. There are many people who have questions regarding the process of hiring a disability attorney. First you will want to keep in mind that you will first want to apply for social security disability insurance or supplemental security income through the local Social Security office in your community. Once you have filed the initial application then your disability attorney will be able to help you with your case, but you will need to file the application first.

You should also keep in mind that the appeal process involved with a social security disability claim can take a significant amount of time. After you initially file your claim you will want to keep in mind that it will usually take Social Security around 120 days to respond. After you file for a hearing with your disability attorney, you will likely have to wait for more than nine months to hear an official response. When you do get a hearing you will want to remember that even with the assistance of the most highly regarded disability attorney you won’t always win your case; as every situation is different. However, with the help of an actual disability attorney you will have a much higher chance of finding success.

With the help of a disability attorney you will have a legal professional by your side to help you with all types of paperwork and to answer all of your questions. They will not only help you fill out forms and act as your legal voice but they will also be there to make certain that you are fully aware of what is going on with the entire process from beginning to end. They are your allies in the legal process and will provide you with the best chance for success. Your disability attorney is not affiliated with the Social Security Administration, but they have a detailed understanding of how these offices work and of all of the processes involved with these disability cases.

While you will have to pay small fees to your disability attorney the assistance that they provide and the amount of money and benefits that they can help you get is often more than worth the price of paying for these small attorney fees. With their help you will have your best chance possible of getting the disability support that you deserve.


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