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Domestic violence is a serious crime in societies all over the world. It refers to abusive behavior by a person or a couple who are in an intimate relationship like cohabitation, dating, family or marriage. Such acts of crime includes physical assault like slapping, kicking, shoving, hitting, throwing objects or threatening to assault. Law also considers sexual abuse, intimidation, stalking, neglecting, economic deprivation and emotional abuse as forms of domestic violence. But domestic violence does not imply physical violence only. A person commits a crime when he kidnaps, unlawfully imprisons, harasses, stalks, trespasses and coerces another person. Someone accused of such criminal offenses can approach a domestic violence attorney for understanding his legal rights and taking appropriate steps within the legal framework for quicker solutions.

Some forms of domestic violence are enumerated below.


Physical abuse involves contact with the intention of causing pain, injury, physical suffering, bodily harm or for intimidating a victim. It includes slapping, punching, hitting, choking, burning, pushing and other forms of physical contact resulting in the victim’s injury. Acts of physical abuse include denying medical help when a victim needs it, depriving an individual of sleep or forcing the person to engage in alcohol or drug use against her will. Inflicting injury onto children or pets in order to inflict psychological pain on the victim also comes under the purview of physical abuse.


A sexual abuse constitutes forceful participation of the victim in sexual activities. Using force or threatening a person with the intention of performing or engaging in sexual intercourse, even though the victim may have been an intimate partner in the past or a spouse, who has participated in consensual sex, constitutes an act of violence and aggression. Spousal or marital rape is non-consensual physical intercourse, where the victim’s spouse is the perpetrator. There are two categories of sexual abuse. The first occurs when physical force is exerted to engage a person in an unwanted sexual act irrespective of whether the act was completed. The second category of marital or partner rape includes an attempt or actual sex act with a person who is unable to express unwillingness to participate in such an act. This occurs when the victim is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, succumbs to pressure or intimidation, is immature and underage to understand the implications or is ill or disabled to resist the assailant’s efforts. Sexual abuse is a common form of domestic violence.


Emotional or mental abuse refers to private or public humiliation of the victim, holding back information, dominating the victim and controlling the victim’s actions and doing something deliberately to embarrass the victim. Also, total isolation from family and friends and denying monetary access or basic necessities also form a part of emotional abuse.

Other forms of domestic violence are verbal abuse and economic abuse. Committing or facing charges on any of the abovementioned acts of aggression would require the experience and skills of a criminal lawyer who can offer the best legal counsel and fight for your case. You get to know your legal rights in the event of an arrest and the best representation in a court of law. Visit us to know more about Sex Crime Lawyer in Muhlenberg PA.

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