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An accidental injury occurs when an individual is hurt due to the carelessness or negligence of another person, group of people or business. Accidents can have serious long term effects on the victims, including physical, mental and emotional damage. In many cases, these types of personal injuries also cause financial burdens for the victims. The victims may incur medical fees and have to take time off of work. All of these seems unfair, and that is rightfully so. Fortunately, victims can hire an Injury Lawyer in Salinas to assist and represent them after the accident has occurred.

Mitchell Law Firm is a leading law firm in the Salinas area, and the legal professionals at this firm are extremely dedicated to representing and defending victims of accidents or personal injuries. The lawyers at Mitchell Law Firm cover a broad spectrum of accidents and injuries including car accidents, work related accidents and many more scenarios. The lawyers at this firm are very skilled and very experienced, and they know exactly what it takes to win a personal injury case.

The lawyers at Mitchell Law Firm know that it takes a lot of work to represent a personal injury victim. This is why they aggressively defend their clients in court. They do this by proving that their clients are truly victims of an accident or injury, and that this accident has caused serious harm to the client. Tab Mitchell from Mitchell Law Firm was once an accident victim himself, so he has been in situations similar to what his clients are going through. He can empathize with them and work closely with them to make sure they are being cared for properly.

There are many different outcomes possible when a personal injury occurs. In general, Mitchell Law Firm will try to get financial compensation for clients. This compensation is used to pay for injury related expenses such as medical costs, lost wages, rehabilitation services, lawyer fees and court costs, trauma and so on.


For a team of truly dedicated accident and personal injury lawyers, Mitchell Law Firm is the reputed firm in the Salinas area.

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