Important Reasons to Hire an SSI Disability Attorney for Your Petition

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Lawyers

The application process to win Social Security disability benefits can be long and complex. From the time that you first submit an application to the time that the court actually awards you benefits, months or entire years can pass. During that time, you are expected to abide by stringent criteria designed to prove that you really need these payments.

Understanding what these criteria are and knowing how to fulfill them can be just as challenging as the application process itself. Instead of trying to figure out everything related to your case alone, you can get the help and guidance that you need by retaining an SSI disability attorney in Olympia.

Substantiating Your Claim

The primary responsibility that you have as an applicant involves proving that you really are disabled. Your SSI disability attorney in Olympia will advise you on what doctors or therapists to consult with and what appointments with medical providers to make and keep. He or she can also suggest what documentation to secure so that it can be presented to the court.

Your lawyer can file the initial application as well as any appeals for your case. You could eventually win a settlement of back payments as well as present and future benefits.

You can learn more about hiring an SSI disability attorney in Olympia online. To set up a consultation to discuss your case or to get more information.

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