Seek Professional Guidance in Interpreting Racial Discrimination Laws in Springfield, MA

by | Nov 20, 2014 | Lawyers

The tendency to discriminate based on things like sex, race, and sexual orientation run deep in American society. It’s only in the past few decades that the society as a whole has finally come to accept the fact that everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed in life, and to enjoy the opportunities that come with living in a great and wealthy nation. Much of the progress that has finally happened for people who were previously treated poorly due to their race is the result of laws that specifically make it clear to companies that they do not have the right to make employment decisions on this basis. That does not mean that compliance is perfect, however. If you have any doubts about Racial Discrimination Laws Springfield MA, you should seek guidance from a lawyer.

One of the things that anyone who is potentially vulnerable to discrimination needs to understand is that it’s not always going to be possible to know for sure whether a particular decision was truly based on race or came down to unrelated factors. It’s obvious that such discrimination still occurs. When researchers send out resumes with names that are stereotypically Latino, African American, or White, they get more calls in response to the ones that have names that are most commonly given to white children. This happens even when the researchers are sending out documents that are exactly the same in every respect except for the name itself. View website for more details.

The problem that someone facing discrimination has to deal with, though, is that it can be difficult to prove that writing down “Carl” rather than “Carlos” would have made the difference in a specific employment decision. This is why it’s so important to set up a consultation with a professional about Racial Discrimination Laws Springfield MA. A lawyer can listen to your story, ask for additional details that are relevant, and give you feedback on whether you’re facing a situation where it’s likely that something illegal happened. They can also offer feedback on whether you are likely to be able to collect damages.

Every individual deserves a chance to live well and to succeed based on hard work and talent rather than race. Connor Morneau & Olin is a law firm that works hard to represent people who have been harmed by discrimination, to both help make things right for those individuals and to push those responsible to do better.

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