Sick and Out of Work? Talk to a Disability Lawyer in Kansas City, MO

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When people develop a long-term illness or sustain a massive injury, there are very few programs to help them while they recover. If they are lucky, their employer has a short-term disability plan or they can use the Family Medical Leave Act for twelve weeks. While these options do preserve medical benefits, they may not provide any income. If they do include some type of financial support it is often at reduced levels. Most work disability benefits pay a worker two-thirds of their salary. If the illness or injury drags on, the worker may be shocked at how little help they will receive from any government program. However, once they have been disabled and unable to work for twelve continuous months, they should contact a Disability Lawyer Kansas City MO practice.

With knowledgeable Legal Representation, they will be able to tap into the Social Security disability program. This is one of the few programs in the United States that will help support a person who is unable to work. Getting those benefits can be a lengthy and complicated process. To qualify for this program, the person must have been employed and paying into the system. Social Security staff will asses the ability of the person to hold a meaningful and substantial job in their field. The injury or disability must meet one of those described in the Social Security regulations.

A sick or injured person may not have the stamina to read the regulations, let alone fill out the forms and meet with Social Security employees to explain their situation. That’s where a Lawyer Kansas City MO practice can help. They already know the regulations, definitions of disability and the tests that will be applied to their client. Filling out the paperwork is easy for them and they know who to deliver it to. They also know the proper way to respond to questions that the staff may have. Answering just one question inadequately or in the wrong manner can jeopardize an application. Since this is the only type of financial support available for many Americans, they can’t afford to have to application rejected.


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