Why You Need Legal Help When Seeking Workman’s Comp in Riverhead, NY

by | May 23, 2013 | Lawyers

You’ve been injured on the job, but you’re not too worried. After all, your employer has workman’s compensation insurance to cover your injuries and lost wages. Reality can be much different, especially if you’ve never gone through the process of filing for compensation before. It’s a process that has the potential to be a much bigger problem than you ever expected. Retaining a Workman’s Comp Riverhead NY can make your application progress more smoothly than without one.

So why should you Seek Attorney assistance for something that is typically not a legal issue? There’s good reason for retaining one. The laws of the state are complex, constantly changing and insurers are going to do what they can to pay out as little as possible. Your employer may also decide to make your injuries sound much less severe than they really are.

It’s one thing if you’ve had a catastrophic injury while on the job. Workers compensation rarely gives the claimant a hard time about the injury. Filing can be more difficult if you’ve got a repetitive strain injury or other damage to your body that can seem like it wasn’t obtained on the job. These issues have a higher threshold of proof to be met, and you are more likely to be denied your claim if you don’t have all of the proper documentation.

A Workman’s Comp Riverhead NY is familiar with how the workers compensation process moves along. She knows how the paperwork is to be filled out, what proof is going to be looked for and how everything that has been submitted is going to be received. That is, the reviewer will go over the application with a fine-tooth comb looking for any signs of fraud. You know you’re not trying to defraud, but the insurance company is always on the lookout to prevent losses.

The attorney makes sure that there are no holes left in the application, and that the injuries were obtained on the job. Taking all of these steps minimizes the chance that your claim is going to be rejected on the first application. Avoiding a denial is imperative, as appealing it is a much tougher fight than the initial claim.



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