Month: March 2012

Who’s at Fault for the Tragedy on I-75?

Typically, a Palm Coast driver who's involved in a caraccident won't need to consult an attorney unless someone is killed or seriously injured. Right now across Florida, several families are grieving – and wondering whom to blame – for the fatal pile-up that took the...

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Court Reporters Can Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Court reporters are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive tasks that they perform for hours at a time every day they go to work. Preventing the development of carpal tunnel as a career court reporter will require attention to optimal...

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Caught in an Austin DWI Sweep? Get a Good Lawyer

In much of the nation, including Austin, law enforcement agencies are conducting DWI sweeps and setting up DUI roadblocks in order to crack down on drunk driving. Many communities conducted crackdowns over Super Bowl weekend in order to keep people from driving drunk...

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When Do You Need To Hire A Wrongful Death Attorney?

If a person dies due to misconduct, negligence, or carelessness of another person, it is a case of wrongful death. In a case of wrongful death, the culprit can be an individual, a company, or an entity. The relatives of the deceased can sue the culprit and file a...

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