3 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Missouri’s Lemon Law

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Attorney

For some people, buying a new vehicle can be a very exciting time. This is especially true for anyone who has just purchased their dream car and it runs well. On the other hand, if the buyer begins to encounter a lot of unnecessary mechanical problems, they may discover that their car is actually a lemon. Whatever the case or situation, here are three things that all Missourians need to know about Missouri Lemon Law and its protection provisions.

1. New Vehicles Covered for a Specified Period of Time

Missouri lemon law covers new cars that have been purchased. This is primarily because this law gives the buyer one year (from the purchase date) to notify the manufacturer of the details of its defects. The provisions in this law make it mandatory for both dealers and manufacturers to honor their warranties so that the buyer does not get stuck with the burden of bearing these repair costs.

2. Used Cars Not Covered

It is also important to note that not all vehicles are covered with this type of protection. Therefore, the buyer of a used car is not protected with this type of legal remedy. Also, if the manufacturer or auto dealer can prove that the damage to the vehicle was not due to a defect in the vehicle but operator abuse or neglect, even a new vehicle is not covered.

3. Reasonable Number of Repair Attempts Must be Made

Before these lemon laws apply to a specific situation, they do require the owner of the vehicle to give the dealer a chance to resolve these repair issues first. For instance, if the dealer or the manufacturer tries to repair the same defect for at least four times or more, they can be made to properly compensate the buyer of the vehicle.

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