5 Mistakes You Must Avoid After Being in a Car Accident

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Law

If you’ve been in a car collision and you’re wondering: now what? Here are a few things you must remember never to do:

Skip the doctor

Think you escaped unscathed from the accident, with only a few scratches and bruises? Don’t be too sure of that. Go to a doctor and get yourself checked out. You might have internal injuries you don’t know about. A battery of tests will identify any problems or determine the full extent of your injuries.

Not getting a lawyer

Thinking you can handle filing for a claim on your own can be a huge mistake, especially if you’ve got severe injuries, have a pile of expensive medical bills and lost months of work because you’re unable to fulfill any of your work due to the injuries you sustained from the accident. Make things easier on you. Get a car accident lawyer to help you.

Waiting too long

In many states, you’ve only got a small window until you can file for a claim, says How Stuff Works. Miss that window and you won’t be able to get compensation and damages. Don’t want that to happen? Then don’t wait too long before you hire a lawyer.

Not consulting a lawyer

On the other hand, not all cases require the help of a car accident lawyer. You might be convinced that you’ve got a case but it wouldn’t hurt to consult with an attorney first. That way, if it turns out that you have zero grounds to file for a claim, you wouldn’t have wasted your time.

Choosing the wrong one

It’s not enough to just hire a lawyer, though. You’ll want to make sure you find someone competent, qualified and trained for the job. Otherwise, you could miss filing deadlines and hurt your chances of winning your case.
Ensure the best outcome for your case. Keep these mistakes in mind when you get legal help.

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