A Business Lawyer Can Help You Create an Employee Handbook

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Law, Lawyers

Maplewood employees, like those in other parts of Minneapolis, should be better able to do their jobs well when they have access to handbooks that state the rules of the workplace. If you have a business in Maplewood but haven’t yet created an employee handbook, a Maplewood business lawyer can help you write rules in language that’s easy for you and your employees to understand. The information below will explain why an employee handbook is essential.

Everyone at the Business Gets the Same Information

One major advantage of distributing an employee handbook is everyone at the workplace will have the same information when it comes to following rules, the expectations of the work environment, and how to report problems. A Maplewood business lawyer may also recommend including state-specific information that may otherwise be confusing for your workers.

There Will Be No Doubts About Business Expectations

Employee conduct is a hugely important part of a successful workplace. The employee handbook should cover things like work attire, how to clock in for a shift, and specifics about any type of behavior that won’t be tolerated.

On the other hand, the handbook should go into detail about what people can expect by accepting positions at your company. Think about including topics such as pay schedules, paid time off, shift breaks, sick days, and leaves of absence. A Maplewood business lawyer can also look over everything closely to make sure it adheres to state laws.

You’ll Have a Defense in Court Cases

In the best case scenario, your business will be able to avoid any major legal troubles. However, you can never be too sure an employee won’t take you to court over an issue. If that person tries to say he or she did not know a rule existed, yet had access to the employee handbook, you’ll be able to assert you did your part to keep the employee informed. Give each employee a copy of the handbook on the day he or she is hired. Your Maplewood business lawyer may suggest alternative distribution methods such as PDF files, too.

These are a few of the many reasons why you need to have an employee handbook that’s given to everyone you hire. Depend on a legal professional to help you make one that informs your staff and protects your business.

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