A Civil Lawyer is Essential in Many Issues Which Involve General Disputes and Debt Collection

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Bankruptcy Law

People can get into a civil dispute over many issues, and no one is immune from a civil dispute. It could involve your children or your dog. Disputes arise over the sale of a home when the buyer feels the seller misled him. Cars are sometimes the subject of civil disputes when the buyer feels he didn’t get the condition of the car he thought he was. Many disputes arise over property lines. Libel and slander fall into this category. Our citizens are aware that courts are the arenas where civilized people settle their disputes.

A civil suit against you can come out of nowhere. You make what you believe is an innocent and truthful remark and you find yourself being sued for it. Today, there are scores of junk debt buyers working the collection field by suing unwitting people who either did not own the debt, but had the same name or the debt is time barred because it is so old. All too many people ignore the summons from the court which announces that they are being sued and they have 21 days to reply. This is a grave mistake because the company suing can take a default judgement and then collect without a trial.

There are many civil disputes of this kind and the Civil Lawyer is absolutely essential in these cases. Often the lawyer can prove that you never signed a debt agreement because there isn’t one that can be produced. It is very difficult for a layperson to defend themselves in court against this kind of case since they do not know the procedures and the questions that should be asked in court of the collector.

A Civil Lawyer is who you should turn to for making a will or creating a trust. This lawyer can make sure that your home’s deed is made out to grant automatic rights of survivor-ship to your spouse. He can make sure that other assets are held jointly.

One very important task a lawyer practicing civil law can do is save your home from foreclosure. The lawyer can obtain a mortgage modification which will make it easier for you to stay in your home.

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