A Fresh Start With Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy is not admitting failure. A person may feel that if they file bankruptcy then they are being irresponsible or walking away from their commitments, but that is not the case. It could be the best choice if you are feeling overwhelmed and it is affecting your health, family and other important areas of your life. There are millions of others that have had to make this choice too. With the state of the economy, many have had to file because it is hard for them to pay their bills and feed their family. A report was issued recently that stated most families are only about three weeks away from filing. Some families are even having to take out loans just to pay for their necessities such as rent and food. Professional Bankruptcy lawyers Wichita can help a individual or family find debt relief.

Credit card debt is usually the problem for most people.They are a convenient form of payment for most but are often overused. If the credit is available, it will most likely be used and can lead to financial disaster for the card holder. A person may get to the point where they will not even be able to make the minimum payment on the credit card bill. When this happens, it is time to hire a Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. Once a person files Chapter 7 bankruptcy, their unsecured debt is wiped clean. Unsecured debt is medical bills, credit cards, and personal loans.

Once Chapter 7 is filed, a creditor will get the message that an individual can no longer handle this debt. When the petition to file has been filed it comes into effect and the debtor can no longer be contacted for the money that is owed to them. They not only will not be able to contact by phone, but are not able to file any judgments, garnishments, or foreclosures. Some of the stress is taken off the creditor. This way they are able to concentrate on the fresh start that they are given and how to make it better this time around. The Professional Bankruptcy lawyers Wichita can discuss ways to help you not be in this situation again.