A Guide to Accidents Involving Large Trucks and Passenger Vehicles

Have you ever been in a truck accident in the state of Illinois? Whenever an accident involving a large truck and a passenger vehicle occurs, the results are often devastating. In approximately 50% of these accidents, the truck driver is responsible.

The Causes of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Can you envision a tractor-trailer drifting into your lane or being squeezed between two vehicles as they try to merge at the same time? Semi trucks make fast lane changes and are usually carrying huge loads. The speed and size of these vehicles often mean that a driver can’t see the small cars around them, especially if they’re not following the proper safety procedures.

Sometimes, drivers may put in more than the legally required number of hours, and in other cases, they may carry unstable loads. Finally, some vehicles aren’t inspected the way they should be, which may lead to tire, brake and engine issues. A truck accident lawyer in Aurora will find the liable party and help you get the compensation you deserve.

What You Should Do After a Truck Accident

It’s important to ensure that you have enough evidence to document the accident. If possible, take photos of the surrounding area and the vehicles involved. Be sure to note any statements made by the truck driver. Illinois follows the two-party consent law, which means the driver has to know about (or consent to) being recorded. Taking a recorded statement will help you avoid the headaches that come when a forgetful or negligent driver changes their story.

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Tractor-trailer accidents typically involve severe injuries that lead to disability, long-term care and lost income potential. If this is your situation, you should consider hiring a truck accident lawyer in Aurora. Call today for guidance every step of the way. Visit website to learn more or call the Law Offices of Bradley Dworkin to request a consultation.