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by | Jan 14, 2014 | Lawyers

Never try to represent yourself in court. The legal system is very complex, and people should not try to figure it out alone. Individuals who are charged with crimes could be facing long jail sentences. Criminal lawyers advocate for clients, and try to work out the best defense strategy. Defendants who have faith in their lawyers rest easier at night.

Make sure the lawyer has experience in handling charges like your own. Find out this information at the initial interview. Ask the lawyer how often he or she appears in court. It is helpful having a lawyer who is well known around the courthouse. They probably know the prosecuting attorney and most of the judges. This familiarity can be helpful in planning trial strategy. If you need a Criminal Lawyer in Delaware County, contact Legal Philly. Legal Philly is the law office of Thomas D. Kenny and Michael Kotik. They promise to “reduce or eliminate prison time.”

Most defendants have one of three choices:

*     plead guilty and face sentencing

*    try for a plea bargain-plead guilty to a lesser charge

*    plead not guilty and go to trial

A Criminal Lawyer in Delaware County makes a recommendation based on case strategy. The attorney develops a strategy after interviewing the client and reviewing all the evidence. Discuss the options and the possible consequences with the attorney. For instance, a defendant should not plead guilty unless they are getting some benefit from the plea. It is also important for the defendant to pay the attorney’s fees. Many lawyers give clients a payment plan, but they may withdraw if they are not being paid.

The lawyer may hire an investigator to help prepare the case. Those fees must be paid as well. Investigators are used to come up with evidence to use in preparing the case. They may find the prosecutor does not have sufficient evidence. The lawyer uses this information to try and get the case dismissed. If the case goes to trial, the lawyer will aggressively attack the prosecutor’s case. They will select the most favourable jury possible and vigorously cross-examine witnesses. A criminal lawyer works hard to fight for the client’s rights. Follow us on Twitter!



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