A Supplemental Security Income Lawyer in Rochester, NY Helps Parents of Children with Mental Disorders

The government website to determine eligibility for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, may seem straightforward until an applicant completes the benefit eligibility screening tool. That process is relatively brief, but the actual application process is rather complex. A SSI Lawyer Rochester NY can help people apply for themselves or their disabled children.

Claim Denials

Most individuals fill out the application on their own and then seek the help of a SSI Lawyer in Rochester, NY if the application is denied. A denial does not mean the applicant should just give up or that they do not qualify. Often, there was an error with the paperwork, or not enough evidence was provided to verify a permanent or long-term disability.

Mental Disorders

Many children are diagnosed with mental disorders that, in the future, will likely prevent them from working full-time and earning a living wage. Parents under a certain income level may request SSI on behalf of the youngsters to help the entire family with living expenses. The Social Security Administration needs suitable proof of this type of disability, which can be provided by a pediatrician or other physician.

Autism is a mental disorder that seems to have soared in prevalence over the past couple of decades. The same is true for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD. People with ADHD can typically manage the disorder effectively with proper medication, but autism is more difficult to manage.

Income Limits

Eventually, when this person is old enough, they may want to work as much as possible and earn some money. The full amount of SSI will still be paid as long as the annual income for this individual is $841 or less per month as of 2022. There are exceptions to this general guideline, which can be explained by a lawyer with an organization such as Antonowicz Group.

SSI for children and teenagers is considered an important part of this nation’s safety net, but qualifying for the payments can be an arduous process. Anyone who needs legal assistance may request a quote online. Contact Antonowicz Group at Disabilitya-Z.com