Addressing Future Needs With An Estate Attorney In Washington, Indiana

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Lawyers

An Estates attorney in Washington, Indiana provides you with assistance in planning future matters. For instance, this process allows you to produce a will as well as a living will and assign an administrator for your estate. Within these documents you can also assign power of attorney in which a family member may act on your behalf in making decisions that are necessary and relate to your property or finances. To discuss these matters further, contact Feavel Law Office.

Estate Planning and Your Rights

An attorney practicing within estate planning can assist you in making decisions in relation to your properties and assets. This addresses probable care needs when you are unable to take care of yourself. With power of attorney you have the option to assign a family member with this authority who will manage your finances and properties. You have the right to change this assignment at any time and to adjust any stipulations within your will or other documents created.

Local Estate Attorney

The Feavel Law Office provides you with assistance in planning for your future. This includes care plans in which you may live with a specific family member when you are incapacitated. The attorney can instruct you in methods that allow you to create a will that addresses which family members you would like to receive your property and belongings. You may also address child custody if you have minor children.


Through an Estates attorney in Washington, Indiana you learn about protecting your properties and assets by creating wills and other documents that present your wishes in terms of how may acquire or control them. For instance an estate attorney helps you plan for distribution of your estate to your family members. He or she can assist you in assigning a power of attorney to manage your finances when you are unable to do so. To learn more about these processes contact the Feavel Law Office today.


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