Applying for VA Disability Benefits

by | Oct 9, 2018 | Attorney

Applying for veterans’ benefits can be tricky, and it is possible that your claim could be denied because of a simple error in your paperwork or application. If your claim was denied, and everything that you did appears to be correct, you may wish to file an appeal. Our attorneys for veterans benefits offer legal help with the appeals process.

It is important to stand up for yourself and protect your rights. As a veteran who served the country, you deserve the benefits that are owed and promised to you under your contract of service. The process of applying for benefits and appealing denials can be confusing, which is why our attorneys are prepared to listen to your situation and counsel you about your rights.

We provide you with accurate information about what your rights are. If we believe that you have a case, you can choose us as your attorneys and move forward. It does not matter to us if you just retired from active duty last month or 20 years ago. Our services are available for any veteran of the United States Armed Forces who is seeking assistance with veterans’ benefits.

Understanding your rights under the law is important to your financial future. Going without the veterans’ benefits that should rightfully belong to you could put your financial comfort and stability at risk. Veterans’ benefits include both cash and healthcare services. Not having access to these benefits could also impact any dependents for whom you have financial responsibility.

Let us look into your situation so that you can know your rights and take action. When you need attorneys for veterans benefits, contact us at Jackson & MacNichol Law offices by phone or in person. You can also learn more about our legal services for veterans online at

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