Arrested For Suspicion Of DWI? Contact A DWI Law Attorney in Vermont

It is never recommended to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, it does occur, and the driver can be arrested for a DWI. It is important to fight this type of charge with a DWI law attorney in Vermont because of the criminal and legal ramifications it can have on an individual’s life. Criminal penalties can include jail, and the civil penalties can include the loss of driving privileges. Refusing a blood alcohol test or chemical test can cause immediate loss of driving privileges. If someone is employed or is responsible for transporting the family to and from various places, the loss of their license would have an even more significant impact.

When someone’s blood alcohol content, also known as BAC, is higher than .08%, they are considered legally intoxicated. Individuals with a commercial driver’s license cannot have a BAC any higher than .04%. A school bus driver’s BAC cannot be any higher than .02%. If someone is under the legal drinking age of 21 and their BAC is above .02%, they will be arrested for a DWI. The first conviction of a DWI carries a 90-day suspension of driving privileges. In addition, there are numerous fees that can make having a driver’s license reinstated very expensive. Some of these fees include an alcohol assessment fee and an educational program, to name just a couple. It could also land the individual in jail.

Hiring a DWI law attorney in Vermont makes sense because they can evaluate the case and determine if the traffic stop was legal to begin with. They can also challenge the BAC testing and all of the various aspects of the law. There is proper protocol the police must follow on any DWI arrest, and not following the proper protocol could result in a not guilty determination by the courts. If the stop was completely legal, there might be varying circumstances surround the DWI that the lawyer can discuss with the prosecutor. The attorney could possibly negotiate a plea deal for the individual that was charged. Feel free to contact us with your DWI questions.