Before You See a Bankruptcy Attorney in Washington, Indiana

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Lawyers

The Feavel Law Office Washington Indiana handles cases dealing with family law, which means divorce, adoption, child support, paternity, child custody, protective orders, and guardianship cases. They also handle personal injury, wills, civil litigation, and entertainment law. Another big practice area is bankruptcy.

With the state of the current economy, bankruptcy cases are on the rise. This is despite a new set of bankruptcy laws that came about several years ago, in 2005, that were intended to make filing for personal bankruptcy harder. The paperwork became more intensive, and more work for attorneys means personal bankruptcies now cost clients much more than bankruptcies used to. That increase in the cost alone was supposed to discourage people from filing frivolous bankruptcy requests.

However, with the current economy the way it is, there are more and more clients who are consulting with a bankruptcy attorney Washington Indiana and deciding that bankruptcy is the best way for them to eliminate the debts that they can discharge and try to get control of their finances again. Although there is more paperwork involved, meaning a higher cost, most attorneys will let you begin assembling your paperwork with them and make monthly payments to the attorney’s office until you have the bankruptcy paid for. At that point, the attorney can file your request for bankruptcy.

When you meet with a Bankruptcy attorney Washington Indiana, the attorney will ask you some questions called a means test to determine whether or not you are eligible to file for a Chapter 7, which is a complete discharge of the kinds of debts you can legally discharge. If you don’t qualify for a Chapter 7, then you can try to file for a Chapter 13 in which the court will require you to pay back a percentage of your debts. The means test looks at your income for the six months right before you file. You will need to take the time to get your own personal paperwork at home together. You will need your financial transactions from the past two years, any car title, titles to any other property you may own, and all of your debts.


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