Characteristics of a Good Bankruptcy Attorney in Covington, GA

by | Aug 28, 2012 | Lawyers and Law Firms

When you are completely broke, nobody can lift your spirits more than a realistically optimistic attorney can. So, you should put in a fair amount of effort in choosing a person who is reliable, efficient and understands how to tackle bankruptcy issues. Often, it is your lawyer’s efficiency that can get you past many hurdles. Read on below for desirable characteristics in a bankruptcy attorney.

Find a lawyer who has a solution

Filing bankruptcy is not always the only solution when you go broke. There are other solutions such as debt consolidation and debt settlements. A good bankruptcy attorney in Covington, GA should provide counseling on all the ways of avoiding bankruptcy. In your financial crises, you might not be able to figure out obvious solutions because of the stress that you go through. A lawyer can consider your existing condition comprehensively and come up with a better solution. In any case, bankruptcy should always be the last option because you stand to lose more than you can comprehend before filing.


Experience of a bankruptcy attorney in Covington, GA does matter a great deal. Experience teaches an attorney to demarcate realistic optimism from whimsical expectations with regard to bankruptcy. If filing bankruptcy is the best solution and can help you save some of your assets, he should be able to decide in favor of bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, you are saved from lawsuits which are likely to be slapped on you by creditors. Also, you can avoid foreclosures, garnishments, threatening letters from creditors and harassment calls. Only an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can advise you on the best possible course of action.


One of the most essential characteristics of a bankruptcy attorney in Covington, GA is reliability. He should stick by you through all the ups and downs and argue in your favor when debt settlements are done and loans are rescheduled. It is the lawyer’s duty to ensure that the final decision is in your favor. You can judge the reliability of an attorney by judging his past cases, talking to previous clients and reading online reviews. You should also visit the lawyer personally and have a chat regarding your problem. Many attorneys offer a free counseling session. Meet a lawyer and see if you feel comfortable with him. If you don’t, back off.


You don’t want to hire a lawyer who turns you bankrupt after securing your bankruptcy proceedings. Choose an attorney who charges reasonable fees which you can afford. Several attorneys charge fees only if they can settle the matter in your favor. Hiring such attorneys can be wise. Avoid attorneys who charge rock bottom fees. Like it is said, anything which is too good to be true is usually not. This is especially true with lawyers.

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