Characteristics of A Great Miami Criminal Attorney

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The biggest issue when looking for a Miami criminal attorney is looking for someone that you feel that you can trust. Once you feel like you can trust this person with your life, and these are feelings that you must have since they do in fact have your life in their hands, then you also do not want to be done wrong by this person. You will want to look for someone with experience doing the types of cases that you will become and be sure that they have been successful in fighting for their clients in the past.

The first characteristic of a great Miami criminal attorneyis that warm feeling that you get when you first meet them, signaling that you are not just another paycheck but they are genuinely interested in your situation. You should get the notion that they want to help you and believe what you are telling them. When you leave the building, you should know why this person has such a good reputation among others.

Next, after getting to know a great Miami criminal attorney, they should be able to express feelings of concern and alternatives to what you will do with your life after your trial. This includes your personal as well as your professional life, as this kind of trial is often not good for business. They should think of ways to protect you, your story, and current situation from getting to the media. If you should have to go to jail for any extended period of time, they should be concerned and be fighting to get you out as soon as possible. In other words, you want to get to know this person on a personal level so that you know without a doubt that they will be fighting for you.

Last, it may seem like something that you may not want to hear, but you should look for someone whose office is often very busy. Not that you do not want them to call you back, but that you want to be sure that people do put their faith in this Miami criminal attorney as you will be looking to do the same thing. If you find an office where you are constantly able to speak to the attorney, this person probably does not have a lot of work to do, which is not a good sign. A busy attorney with a good reputation will make time for you in his schedule. Someone with a good reputation goes a long way and helps to get the odds in your favor.

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