Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer for Dog Bites

by | May 8, 2013 | Lawyers

A dog bite incident should not take a turn for the worst. It is bad enough for the victim, dog and owner. Whether a dog bites out of fear or aggressive behavior, there should be legal protection for both sides. Biologically aggressive males and abused dogs are most likely to attack. Hire a Dog Bite Des Moines IA professional who will help you understand the state laws that concern bites.

First, assign responsibility to the right person. A landlord is responsible if a dangerous animal is allowed to wander the property. A reckless dog walker or sitter is also liable. Some states have adopted the “one bite rule” that removes owner responsibility if the dog is not known to bite. Exceptions include situations of abuse or neglect.

There is no telling when a dog will bite. For an uncertain owner, it is ideal to buy liability insurance. Home insurance provides some amount of personal liability coverage. Choose a plan that covers thousands of dollars in personal injuries. In some places, dangerous dog breeds are considered risky and not protected by liability. Typical breeds include pit bulls and rottweilers. Use the eyes and experience of a personal injury lawyer to go through the fine print.

As a lawsuit plaintiff, present a great deal of information. Prove several points including the identity of the dog owner, any actions that may have aggravated the dog and your reactions to the incident. Contact animal control or the police to find out the identity. Also, prove that you were not a trespasser or unwanted visitor. Do not make general assumptions based on previous cases. You may be able to receive compensation even if the dog was playing roughly.

There are various laws that concern reckless owners and aggressive dogs. Knowing about the laws is easier when you contact a Dog Bite Des Moines IA lawyer. Bite victims need to be compensated for medical fees now and in the future along with expensive drugs, missed work salaries and damaged property. Through the law, you can receive medical debt relief and seek recourse for pain and suffering.




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