Clearing up Info About Bail Bondsmen in Atlanta and What They Do

by | Dec 20, 2019 | Bail Bonds

The American criminal justice system’s arrest, booking, arraignment, bail-setting, and bail-posting process isn’t complex, though it does require a little learning to make sense of things. Let’s learn more about the operations of every bail bondsman in Atlanta, Georgia, and their ins and outs.

Are Bail and Bond Synonymous?

The dollar amount required to free you from jail until your case runs through the legal process is

bail. Getting help from someone else to help you post bail is known as bond; in other words, bonds are bail amounts that others post for you.

What Is Bail Bonding?

While bail and bond are two different things, there’s also the phrase bail bonding, which is similar to and includes both of the above concepts. Bail bonding involves assistance from a professional bail bondsman in Atlanta in posting your current bail to get out of jail.

Ways That Bond Is Set

Judges sometimes subjectively set people’s bond. Jurisdictions also allow defendants’ bail to be calculated strictly on their charges’ severity as part of a simple formula – every charge has a corresponding value; to calculate bail, each charge is multiplied by its corresponding bail amount, all of which are then added together. Further, judges use algorithms, or sets of rules that take into consideration many factors to reduce bias and help out low-income and minority group members.

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