Commercial attorney can help businesses solve disputes legally

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Lawyers and Law Firms

abcilogo280x280Commercial litigation is a part of law that involves companies or businesses. Commercial disputes are usually because of property and financial issues and contract disagreements. In such a situation, a commercial attorney helps businesses and other parties with the commercial litigation. The main driving force behind commercial proceedings is to try and settle the disputes that arise without going to a court.

Real estate sales involving company mergers and land acquisition is one of the areas in commercial litigation that an attorney handles. Often, when a company tries to take over another company; the company being sold may have some financial issues. Thus a commercial attorney can help with the merger by negotiating employee contracts, reviewing stock sales and ensuring that the sales adhere to the lawful guidelines.

Establishing business partnerships for more than two owners of a company is also dealt under commercial litigation. A proper partnership can establish ownership rights, financial obligations and duties of the partners. Usually, the contract clarifies the percentage of partner, income the owners are entitled in the event when one decides to leave a business and all other necessary details.

The role of commercial attorney:

The commercial litigation also involves outlining contracts that clarify arrangements between the employee and the employer. These contracts involve terms like keeping business secrets like company trade and information for products confidential. Some employees also need to sign contracts about ownership of new products that are produced by the employees when they are employed with the company.

Majority of companies make their memoranda and emails as a part of their confidentiality agreement. By entering into an agreement, businesses have the right to take legal action against employees if they pass the data to a new employer about privileged information and products.

Certain business contracts also include an arbitration clause. If a business is unable to resolve the contractual disagreement or dispute, the business owners can get the case heard for negotiation. So, in order to solve the disputes of a business, opting for commercial attorney is the perfect decision.

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