Contact a Bell Law Office Immigration Attorney for Your Citizenship Case

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Lawyers

There are two giant mistakes people tend to make when it comes to legal and financial issues. The first is outright ignoring the situation in hopes that the person that brought it up will just go away. This is like burying your head in the sand. The second is procrastination or waiting until the absolute last minute of a deadline in hopes that a miracle will appear out of nowhere to give the desired result. This is similar to a “hail Mary” play in sports. Many times the issues go hand-in-hand. Delaying or ignoring warnings about the law leads to having to answer for not obeying or responding in a timely fashion. Fees, fines, and repercussions are the result.

When dealing with the laws of the land, it is best to address them early, especially when it comes to residency status within the United States. If your residency is questioned or there is a threat of termination, you need to contact a Bell Law Office Immigration Attorney immediately. The procedures required to prove citizenship, renew a visa, and fight deportation are significantly different from a small claims case that you could handle yourself. You may need to fill out paperwork, show evidence, and answer interrogations for several local, state, and federal agencies. Documents for your case may take weeks or months to receive once requested, so you can’t afford to drag your feet on a matter that may split up your family.

As soon as you receive a letter instructing you to appear for questioning or instructing you to prepare to leave the country, you need to contact a Bell Law Office Immigration Attorney. A lawyer that focuses on this aspect of the law will be able to let you know what your standing is, what your options are, what you need to do to handle your case, and your time frame for getting it done. Generally, people that are facing an issue such as deportation have family that will be directly affected. The last few years have seen major changes in immigration laws, so what you might have done 10 years ago is not that same as what you’ll need to do now. Contact an attorney to guide you properly so that you do not lose precious time.



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