Critical Services to Expect from a Real Estate Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA

by | Feb 20, 2020 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Real estate transactions can be complex and lengthy. Lay people who function outside of the industry often cannot understand their finer points, or what is expected of buyers and sellers before and after they sign the contract.

When you want to ensure that your own transaction is successful, you do not want to approach it entirely on your own. You can get the advice and help that you need as either a buyer or seller when you retain an experienced real estate attorney in Santa Barbara, CA, to represent you.

Counsel on Selling

Sellers have considerable obligations under the law to their buyers. They are expected to disclose all of the minute details of the properties they are selling. They also must ensure that the title to the property is clear and available for purchase.

Your attorney can advise you on how to disclose these details to a buyer. He or she can also do a title search to ensure that it is available for the sale.

Advice on Buying

A lawyer can also advise you on buying real estate. He or she can counsel you on what price to offer to the seller. Your legal team can research the property to make sure all of the details are disclosed to you.

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