Custody in Dallas: How to go About the Custody Issue After a Divorce

Marriages are not easy to dissolve. The issues become even more complex when there are children in the equation. One of the issues that lead to a lot of arguments in divorced partners is who should get custody of the kids. If the issue is not handled well, it can lead to many months of a court battle. These hurts both the parents and the kids. The law clearly states that the court will determine who should get custody of the kids depending on the interests of the child. This means that there are times when the court can decide that joint custody is in the interest of the child. Here are some tips to help you when seeking for child Custody Dallas. Visit website for more details.

What exactly does the term interests of the child mean?

There are a number of factors that a court considers when deciding whether to grant custody or not:

  • The preferences or wishes of the parents when it comes to custodianship

  • The physical and mental health of the parents

  • The criminal and sexual record of the parents

  • The willingness of one parent to encourage a continued relationship between the child and the other parents

  • The wishes of the child-if they are old enough to make decisions

  • The ability of the child to adapt to a new school, home, and overall environment

Modification of a custody agreement

The court can change the custody agreement in case there have been significant changes in the original circumstances under which the initial agreement was issued. The parent seeking for modification must have evidence to show that the modification will be in the interests of the child. You can ask for a modification if:

  • You have joint custody, and one parent is re-locating

  • When one parent suffers injuries that incapacitate them either physically or mentally

  • If one parent gets involved in crime and is arrested and convicted