Divorce Attorney in Carlisle is a Trained Mediator

by | Oct 14, 2013 | Law, Lawyers

On the day you were married you were so happy and today you’re on the threshold of divorce. You don’t know how the two of you allowed this to happen, but it did. You have children, your home, other property you purchased together and money put aside for a rainy day. Now, what’s going to happen? You need to call Attorney Lori K. Serratelli so that she can explain it all to you. She’s a divorce attorney Carlisle has available to assist its residents with their divorces. She works pro bono as a service to many families in the area and is a true advocate in offering charitable services to others.

She’s a trained mediator and tries to help people who are getting a divorce by talking to them and dividing up their property amicably. Many people are argumentative and mediation will not work and so they must go to court. She works with those who are being or have been abused, discrimination in the work place and family law. She also works with those who need support from spouses they are divorcing and those receiving custody of the children. If you have a lawyer who is trained as a mediator, your divorce will go through more quickly.

As you can see, the Divorce Attorney Carlisle residents call will be there for you throughout your divorce to make sure all is going well and your family is safe. Your children will be first on her list to safeguard. Children don’t understand what is going on when they are losing a parent, possibly a home, school and so much more. You’re thinking to yourself, “Where will my children be next month and where will the money come from to raise them?” A family law attorney understands the fears you have when obtaining a divorce. They know lives that were on an even path are now threatened because parents have decided to divorce.

Even though it’s not easy for you right now, choosing a divorce attorney Carlisle has available will make getting a divorce much easier. She will talk to both spouses ensuring you are in agreement with custody of children, alimony and support issues, division of property and savings. Once all of those issues are taken care of, you’ll be able to get on with rebuilding your life.

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