Divorce Law Firm Monmouth County – Types of Divorce Cases That Firms Handle

Divorce cases are difficult to handle because they are emotional aspects that the legal process cannot cover. Divorce cases are also extremely unique. This is because there are no two relationships that can ever be the same. This is the first thing that you have to learn when you are going through the divorce process. The conditions of your relationship are unique and most likely the results from the process will be unique. When going through divorce, you should look for divorce law firm Monmouth County.

The process is a legal process and the involving qualified experts to handle it, is extremely important. There are different types of divorce cases that a divorce law firm handles depending on the conditions of each relationship. How a divorce lawsuit process happens mainly depends on the two parties involved. It can be simple and cheap or it can be complicated and extremely expensive.

  • Litigation divorce- this is the most common divorce process that most couples choose. It does not necessarily mean that the case goes before a judge in court. Litigation divorce refers to filing a lawsuit to officially to end the marriage. This mostly happens when one party wants a divorce but the other party is no willing to go through the process. It is also the best option when both parties cannot agree on most of the issues that come up through the process. The litigation process allows a divorce law firm Monmouth County to handle issues like child custody, property settlement and alimony amicably. If the two parties cannot agree on a proper settlement out of court then they can appear before a judge to give a ruling.
  • Mediation- this is another option that couples can opt to take. Involving a mediator means bringing a neutral person that is well versed in family law to help you come up with an agreement that suits both of you. If a client choose this option, then it is possible for them to still need help from a divorce law firm in case the process does not go as they want it to go.
  • Collaborative divorce- this is another option that couples can use. This is mostly used by couples that mutually agree to end the marriage and do not want to go to court. The process involves both couples involving their lawyers to come up with an agreement that will suit both of them. They might even involve experts in finances to help with things like property division. The lawyers will advise their clients on the best settlement for them. A divorce law firm Monmouth County will ensure that this process is handled professionally and their clients are satisfied.

It is advisable to follow the right procedure when you are going through divorce. Hiring the best divorce law firm Monmouth County will make the process easier.