Do You Know A Brigham City UT Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Attorney

The public opinion on bikers is often somewhat distorted by myth, urban legend and a general lack of full understanding. Accepting that, to be a biker, you have to ride a motorcycle; but, not all motorcycles are the same; neither are all bikers “Hells Angels”. Nevertheless, a popular belief that does hold some truth is that riding motorcycles is more dangerous than driving a car.

Yes; You Are More Exposed On Only Two Wheels

A vehicle that you sit inside of does, at least, stop you from falling out of it; while, at the same time giving you an element of protection should something run into you (or you run into anything – moving or stationary). In addition, a four wheeled car can stand up on its own four feet – unlike a two wheeled motorcycle. However; in the same way that “guns do not kill people – people do”; it’s not the motorcycle that’s dangerous; sometimes it’s those who ride them and, more often than not, it is those they share the road with.

Minimize Your Risk

It doesn’t matter what you are riding (or driving); you really should undergo proper instruction to learn; not only how to use your vehicle of choice; but, also how to cope with the inexplicable actions of some other road users. Unfortunately, even then, the chances are great that, sometime or another, you will be involved in a motorcycle accident.

Accident Insurance

If you are a motorcyclist, you really should make certain that you have adequate insurance to protect you in the event you are hurt in a crash.  Your medical bills could be thousands and thousands of dollars.  You shouldn’t assume that the person who ran you over will have adequate insurance to pay your medical bills.  More often than not, that person won’t.

Disputed Claims

Often, liability for a crash is disputed, or, the insurance company for the at fault driver (the person breaking the rules of the road) will not want to fairly and adequately compensate you for your harms and losses.  A good motorcycle accident attorney in Brigham City UT can help protect you from additional harm by being with you every step of the way.

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