Do You Need an Aurora Bankruptcy Lawyer?

by | Apr 30, 2014 | Bankruptcy Law

Credit is important in today’s economy, and it can be very easy to come by when you’re doing well. Unfortunately, it can take a nose dive quickly when something unexpected happens, like the loss of a job, or if you’re not careful to make all of your payments each month. If you find that you’ve fallen behind on your payments and you have been getting calls from creditors each month, it can seem like bankruptcy might be the only thing you can do. But do you need an Aurora Bankruptcy Lawyer?

If you’re looking to file bankruptcy, you’re going to want a lawyer, such as Ledford and Wu, to work with. Bankruptcy can be a complicated process, and works best when you have someone who has worked bankruptcy cases before to help you with it. For instance, did you know that there are different chapters of bankruptcy? Would you know which one to choose?

Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy are the two most commonly filed by individuals. Chapter 13 consolidates your debts into a low monthly payment, something you can afford, so that you can get all of your debt paid off. Creditors are not allowed to call you while you are making these payments, and when they are completed your debts will be paid off. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is for those who cannot make the payments as in Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this case, many of your assets will need to be sold to cover your debts. In some cases, you may have the remaining debts dismissed, or you may be able to make payments on them.

An Aurora Bankruptcy Lawyer will go over your finances with you to see what would qualify for bankruptcy. They’ll look into your debts, assets, and your current income to see what you can afford to pay. They will then go over the types of bankruptcy with you, discuss the outcome you would like, and help you file the paperwork to get started. They’ll handle the creditors for you through the bankruptcy, so the phone calls day and night will stop.

If you’re considering bankruptcy, you’re going to want to have a lawyer on your side. Take the time today to get your paperwork in order, then call and set up a consultation meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer. You’ll be taking the first step towards financial freedom again. Visit website for more information.




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