Documents to Bring to an Initial Consultation with an Automobile Injury Attorney in Boston, MA

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Car accidents are almost always stressful ordeals for everyone involved, but victims of these accidents who have been severely injured have it the worst. They often face severe health repercussions that require substantial medical care and keep them out of work, sometimes for months or longer, further intensifying their stress.

The best solution is to consult an Automobile Injury Attorney in Boston MA as soon as possible after the accident has occurred regarding legal options for obtaining compensation for any injuries, pain, and suffering. Most of these attorneys offer free consultations, but those who have never been in an accident may not know exactly how to prepare for them. Read on to find out about what documents to collect prior to the consultation.

Medical Records

Accident victims should bring copies of all medical records pertaining to their post-injury care. These are often used to determine whether or not victims have a substantial case and what kind of compensation they will be able to obtain if they do.

Police Report

Every time an accident occurs, a police report should be filed immediately. Accident victims should bring these reports to their consultations, as they may contain information and details about the accident that would otherwise be unavailable.

Receipts for Medical Equipment

Victims who have had to purchase medical equipment, prescription drugs, or specialty items for in-home care should bring their receipts as well. It’s often possible for them to claim these items as additional expenses.

Records of Correspondence

Bring any records of correspondence with the liable party or the insurance company responsible for paying out a settlement. These records may be in the form of legal documents, letters, emails, texts, or even voicemails or social media messages.

Work Pay Stubs

It’s not uncommon for accident victims to miss work as a result of their injuries. Those who have should bring pay stubs to their consultations with an Automobile Injury Attorney in Boston MA, as these offer proof of financial loss due to the accident. They can be used to recuperate lost wages.

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