DUI Attorney: DUI and DWI Overview

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Lawyers

A DUI Attorney is a legal professional that you would hire if you get arrested for driving while drunk. In some states drunk driving is referred to as a DUI (driving under the influence); in other states it is referred to as a DWI (driving while intoxicated). It is also not uncommon for it to be referred to as an OUI (operating under the influence) as well. Getting arrested for driving while you are impaired by any substance is a very serious crime and driving offence. This is largely because it can cause all sorts of traffic problems.

The Types of Drunk Driving Laws

Typically, you are going to get charged under one of three different drunk driving laws. The first law is that you were driving while under the influence. This just means that you were driving while you were clearly impaired by a substance. The second law is having a blood alcohol content level that is 0.08 percent or higher. In every state, it is illegal for you to be behind the wheel if you have a BAC of 0.08 percent or higher. The third law is a DUI felony. You get charged with a DUI felony if you have committed the crime several times in the past or if you hurt or kill someone because you were drunk.

How Do You Get Charged

In order for you to get charged with a DUI there are a few conditions that must be met. When you hire a DUI Attorney such as David G. Morrison, Attorney At Law they will make sure that all the conditions were met. If they can find a flaw in the conditions it is possible for the charges to be dropped. This is actually why you hire an attorney in the first place. First of all, you have to physically be behind the wheel of a car. You also have to have steered and controlled the vehicle while it was moving. The alcohol or other substance also has to be impairing your ability to drive (unless it is over the legal limit).



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