DWI Lawyers in Jefferson County MO May Suggest Getting Help Before Trial

by | Jan 24, 2019 | Lawyers

Drunk driving is an incredibly serious problem today and the laws governing what happens if a person is convicted can include harsh sentences. If a person is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they may be pulled over and arrested. The DWI lawyers in Jefferson County MO might suggest the person enter into a rehabilitation program while the case is progressing to show the judge they’re trying to get help.

Conviction Might Be Unavoidable

A lawyer is going to do as much as possible to help their client avoid a conviction, but there are many instances where this is not possible. When a conviction is imminent, it’s a good idea to start planning for the conviction. By taking steps before the case is heard, the person might be able to convince the judge to give them a reduced sentence instead of the maximum.

Entering Rehab Shows a Willingness to Get Help

After any arrest for drugs or alcohol, it may be a good idea for the arrested person to enter rehab on their own. This can help show the judge they understand they have a problem and they are working on getting as much help as possible for it. Judges tend to look favorably on those who try to get help before their sentencing, but it is a good idea to speak with a lawyer first to ensure entering rehab is a good option.

Successful Rehabilitation Lowers the Chance of a Second DWI Charge

The reason why many judges will lower the sentence for a person who has entered rehab on their own is that the successful completion of a rehabilitation program lowers the chances of person will drinking and again. Judges do not want the person to take this risk again, so they may offer a lowered sentence to reduce the punishment for someone who is already trying to do better.

If you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated, you may want to speak with one of the DWI lawyers in Jefferson County MO right away to get help. If a conviction is unavoidable in your situation, they might suggest rehabilitation before your trial begins to help you get a more lenient sentence. Contact Wegmann Law Firm today.

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