The many benefits that employment law offers to employees

by | Jun 1, 2010 | Employment Law

employmentA decade ago, there was no or little protection for employees. Earlier, employers had the freedom to treat their employees in any way they wanted to. Low wages in spite of long hours of work was not uncommon. Moreover, working conditions were also absolutely filthy, and workers were not offered with any complimentary benefits like worker’s compensation or health insurance.

With the industrial revolution, increasing number of people left their rural lives to work in factories and started living in cities. As the working conditions worsened and number of employees increased, it became apparent that the government would require stepping in to protect the workers rights. These initial efforts ultimately gave way to the modern employment laws.

What does employment law include?

The employment law greatly helps to protect the employees from any type of mistreatment from their employers. The employment law establishes fair wages, prevents children from being exploited as well as limits the number of working hours in a week. Rules and regulations were also established to control the cleanliness of the workplace. Additionally, employers are required to take necessary precautions to protect their employees and avoid dangerous accidents.

Employment law also protects other rights of employees. Several laws have been passed to create standards that employers should follow when providing benefits to their employees. These benefits include health insurance with additional coverage for health problems that may arise due working conditions at workplace of job.

The employment law also includes safety against discrimination in the workplace based on gender, disability, race, age or religion. The employment law also includes safety provision for the employment of foreigners. Employment law is a crucial part of government’s efforts to safeguard our rights as human beings. The employment law ensures that employees are not placed in a dangerous and unhealthy environment.

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