Evaluating Personal Injury Laws With Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys in Eau Claire, WI

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Personal Injury

Wisconsin laws indicate that all parties under the age of eighteen must wear a helmet while operating or riding a motorcycle. These laws are in place to prevent minors from becoming injured seriously in an accident. These laws make it illegal for any motorcycle rider to allow minors to ride with them without a helmet. Non-compliance with these laws could lead to litigation if the minor is injured.

Motorcycle Riders and Protective Gear

Motorcycle riders are encouraged to wear protective gear. By wearing adequate gear, these riders reduce the impact of an accident. It cannot prevent all injuries entirely; however, it could stop a fatality in certain conditions. While there aren’t any helmet laws for adults, a helmet could prevent a serious head injury. To evaluate personal injury laws related to protective gear, contact motor vehicle accident attorneys in Eau Claire, WI today.

Filing a Formal Claim

Motorcycle riders are often deemed at fault if due to lane splitting. These actions could prevent other motorists from seeing the motorcycle rider adequately. This could lead to an accident with serious injury. In some cases, the driver of an automobile could strike the motorcycle rider and lead to traumatic brain injuries. Victims of automobile accidents who weren’t deemed at fault should file a formal claim within three years of the accident.

Comparative Fault Ruling

Despite the injuries sustained by the motorcycle rider, the court could reduce their settlement if they played a role in causing the accident. Traffic violations are the most common reason for which comparative fault is introduced. The court evaluates these occurrences to assign a percentage in which the victim was at fault. The overall settlement value is reduced. Click here for more details.

In motor vehicle accidents, law enforcement conducts an investigation to identify the fault. The responsible party is required by insurance laws to file a claim to cover the victim’s injuries and property damage. If the driver doesn’t possess adequate insurance, this could lead to litigation. In some instances, litigation is the only way to collect these funds. To review opportunities for a formal claim, contact motor vehicle accident attorneys in Eau Claire, WI by visiting Jeffreyklemp.com today.

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