Examples of Situations Where a Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO May Be Necessary

A Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO can help when the other parent is being uncooperative. In some cases, the other parent is minimizing visitation time despite a court order specifying the amount of required visitation. In other instances, the parents share custody but one is trying to keep the youngsters more often than has been agreed on.

Contempt of Court

If there is evidence this behavior is intentional in regard to limiting time with the other parent, the individual may be in contempt of court. Tactics like routinely scheduling children for activities or social events when they are supposed to be with the other parent is a common example. A Child Custody Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit MO presents the case to Family Services or a family court judge, depending on the situation.

Allegations of Negative Behavior

The parent fighting to retain shared custody or visitation time as ordered will run into more trouble if the other person makes allegations of abuse, neglect, or other problematic behavior. Physical abuse, leaving young children home alone, and drinking heavily when the kids are there are just a few examples. The court may decide to limit the time spent with the youngsters until the situation is investigated, especially if witnesses support these claims.

New Parents Who Do Not Live Together

Child custody attorneys also help when new parents are not married or living together and the father wants to share custody or have substantial visitation time. Both parents must have their own lawyer. The attorneys draw up an agreement to be filed with the court. This is a particularly important step and should never be ignored no matter how well the mother and father happen to be getting along at the moment. An uncontested casual agreement can one day become contested, leading to significant legal issues.

A Petition for Custody Modification

During shared custody, one parent may decide that the children’s lives will be more stable if the arrangement is modified to one in which the parent has primary physical custody and the other liberal visitation. The other parent needs legal representation by an organization such as Dana Outlaw Law Office. You can also visit them on Facebook.