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by | Sep 17, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Now that summer is here and fall is approaching, you should take advantage of the good weather to walk outdoors. Unfortunately, summer can be an ideal dog bite time for numerous reasons. As children spend more time outdoors, they are more likely to encounter dogs. In addition, owners often leave their dog outside and in some cases, heat can make them irritable and more prone to attack. Unfortunately, dog bites can cause serious injury, especially to young children. They can cause facial scars, broken bones and even brain damage. However, your local Dog Bite Attorney in Joliet IL states there are steps to prevent bites:

•   Teach your children safety measures concerning pets. One of the best ways to avoid injury related issues concerning dogs and children is to teach children safety measures concerning pets. Teach children not to approach strange dogs or pets that are sleeping or eating. Talk about the appearance of animals when they are scared, and teach your children not to run away from dogs. Show them how to step back slowly and how to seek help.

•   Supervise children when they are outdoors. Although there are laws in place to ensure that pet owners do not to let their dogs roam free in parks or communities, not all pet owners comply with these bylaws. Monitoring your children even when they are in your yard is a good way to prevent many types of personal injury, including dog bites.

•   Do not rely to let your children wander through gardens and parks. Some pet owners let their dog roam freely in parks, even in parks where dogs must walk on a leash. In addition, children often run into the dogs that are on a leash, and this can scare an animal and cause it to attack.

•   Keep a pet well-trained and in good health. If you have a dog at home, take it to obedience classes and make sure it has routine medical exams regularly. Your local dog bite attorney in Joliet IL also suggests that allowing your child to interact with a well-trained pet can also teach them the needed skills that can help avoid being attacked.

If your child was injured due to the recklessness or negligence of any person, please contact your local Dog Bite Attorney in Joliet IL. Scheduling a complimentary consultation to discuss your case is vital. For more information you can contact a trucking accidents attorney as well.

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