Filing a Leukemia Lawsuit With Representation by Chicago Lawyers

The chemical benzene can cause serious health disorders in people who breathe in air containing this substance. Regularly breathing air contaminated with benzene increases the risk due to the high exposure level. The chemical is connected with the development of illnesses that include several types of cancer. People who want to file a leukemia lawsuit may do so with the assistance of attorneys providing this kind of representation.

Most households have a small level of benzene in the air because of products like paint, glue, and furniture wax. This normally isn’t the cause of serious illness, however. People who choose to file a leukemia lawsuit more commonly live near or work at a hazardous waste site, an oil refinery, or a petrochemical manufacturing company. Even living near a gas station can cause health problems. Benzene is added to gasoline to boost octane levels and reduce engine knocking.

Injury attorneys usually try to negotiate a fair settlement with corporations before filing suit. However, a lawsuit may be the initial strategy when a life-threatening illness or fatality has occurred. The clients deserve a substantial amount of financial compensation if there is proof the organization is responsible for what happened.

Skilled legal representation is crucial when certain factors could interfere with success in negotiations or a court trial. An important example is a tobacco smoker who develops leukemia after residing near or working at a site where benzene is emitted into the air. The defendant will likely assert that tobacco use was responsible instead.

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