Filing for Bankruptcy in Covington, GA

If you file for bankruptcy in the Covington GA area and are taking an interest in the “chapter 13” then it might just be your best bet in living happily without having to worry about a foreclosure on your home. This will offer different types of advantages versus the liquidation in chapter 7. The most significant part of the chapter 13 will offer an individual the opportunity to save their home from being foreclosed by filing for chapter 13. These individuals can stop the foreclosure process and may have the opportunity to decrease their mortgage payments.

If that is the case that you will file for chapter 13 bankruptcy Covington, GA, then you may have the opportunity in rescheduling debts outside of your house payment. This will give individuals the opportunity to reschedule all of the debts that are holding them back from a healthy financial foundation. If you do this, then you may protect the 3rd party who is then liable for the person who filed bankruptcy and their consumer debt.

The Chapter 13 bankruptcy Covington, GA will protect their co-signers and act as a consolidation loan in which the individual will make the play payments to a chapter 13 trustee who will then distribute those payments to an anonymous creditor. The person who filed for chapter 13 will not have any contact with the creditor for safety purposes. A chapter 13 case will begin by an individual filing a petition with the court who will then serve the area in which the debtor is of residence.

If the court doesn’t order otherwise, then the debtor must fulfill their obligation of filing with the court as well. They will have to schedule the assets and the liabilities. They will have to schedule their own income and their expenses. They will have a schedule of the executor contracts and the leases which are unexpired. When you have filed the chapter 13 bankruptcy Covington, GA then the courts will charge you a $235 case filing fee and an administrative fee around $40. With the court’s permission, this can often be paid in installments, and the amount of installments is often limited to approximately 4.

The debtor can pay the $39 in installment fees as well. If there is a petition filed that is “joint” then there is only one filing fee and one administrative fee that are filed. The debtors should be aware of that the failure of paying these may result in a dismissal of the case altogether.


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