Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Lawyers

Times are tough. You are doing your best to keep your bills paid on time, but it seems like each month you are falling further behind. Something always comes up. You have a major car repair. a major medical expense, a home repair, etc. There always seems to be something. You have tried to keep some money saved for these emergency situations, but it hasn’t worked. It might be time for you to check with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield to discuss your situation. You need to speak with a Debt Relief Lawyer who really knows his business and gets personally invested with his clients to help them out of their difficulty. Domain is your man. He services Butler, Warren and Hamilton counties in Ohio. His practice of law is 100% Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Alternatives. He passed the Bar in 1988. He graduated from the University of Tulsa College of Law, J.D.

Are you facing harassing phone calls from bill collectors. Is your mailbox filled with past due notices? You deserve relief. You have tried to keep on top, but life is tough. It is not your fault that times have gotten so hard. Chapter 13 is an option for people who have a job and a steady income. It is a good debt relief program. As you meet with your attorney, you will need to prepare some information. You need to make a list of your indebtedness, including taxes, car payments and mortgage payments. You will need copies of the past several years income tax filings. You will need proof of income. When this information is gathered, you will meet with your attorney and go over the information together.

If everything is there, you will with work with the attorney through the next steps of the process. The attorney will try to negotiate with your debtors to forgive some of the debt, to lower the payments, and maybe lower interest rates. With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield, you will still owe money towards your indebtedness, but it will be at lower rates, with extended payment schedules that you can afford to meet, and the nasty phone calls and letters will cease as you try in all honesty to get back on your feet. At every step of the way, you will not be alone. Your attorney, Mr. Snyder will be there to have your back, and answer any questions.



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