Four Essential Reasons to Hire an Experienced Social Security Lawyer

When people file for Social Security benefits before retirement age, they usually have an illness or condition that can qualify them for disability. The Social Security Administration lists certain conditions that will qualify you for disability, but you still have to prove you have a disability to get benefits. That’s where a Social Security lawyer can help you. Here’s how.

Qualify You By Phone

Social Security lawyers in Kansas City¬†will determine which types of disability people qualify for over the phone. In your case, you’ll likely have had to work nine out of the past 15 years to get Social Security Disability Insurance. Otherwise, you may only qualify for Supplemental Security Income. In either case, a disability lawyer can help you.

No Payment Upfront

In most cases, a disability law firm will not charge you in advance for a disability case. That’s because it will earn a percentage of your backpay if you win.

Facilitate Paperwork

A Social Security lawyer in Kansas City will assist you with the initial application and all the forms you’ll fill out while your case is active. He’ll also ensure all the forms go to the proper party at the Social Security Administration.

Help You Win Case

Most Social Security lawyers in Kansas City will work with disability clients throughout the different phases of the process, including when appeals are filed or at the hearing. If your case goes to the hearing level, your disability attorney will get to argue your case in front of a judge. His experience and familiarity with the process can help you get disability payments and backpay.

When you’re searching for a qualified Social Security lawyer, call several law firms and ask how they can help you. Talk to people who may have won disability cases in the past. Finally, select the attorney who you believe will best represent you.

With more than 12 years in the industry, Grundy Disability Group LLC is one of the top Social Security disability law firms in the state of Missouri. To find out how a Grundy disability attorney can help you.