Four Important Reasons to Hire an Experienced Social Security Law Firm

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident or have a debilitating condition, you might be eligible for disability benefits. Your chances of winning will largely be contingent on whether the Social Security Administration deems your condition warrantable for disability compensation. To increase your chances of receiving disability benefits, you’ll need to hire a Social Security lawyer. Here’s why.

Determine Whether You Qualify

An experienced Social Security law firm in Wheaton will determine whether you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance or just Supplemental Security Income. With the former and highest-paying form of disability, you’ll have had to work nine out of the past 15 years to qualify. If you haven’t worked the necessary number of years, you can still get Supplemental Security Income, which is like the welfare version of disability benefits.

Pay Only If You Win

Your Social Security law firm will usually only charge you if you win your case. If the Social Security Administration rules in your favor, your disability law firm will receive 25% of your backpay or $6,000, whichever dollar amount is lower.

Recommend Various Tests or Forms

When Social Security law firm in Wheaton accepts you as a client, they will usually recommend that you see doctors and specialists to update your medical records. Your attorney, for example, may recommend that you have an allergist fill out an “Environmental Limitations” form if you can’t work in an environment with strong chemicals. He may also suggest that you see a psychologist if you have extreme anxiety or any debilitating emotional issues.

Advocate at Hearing

If your case goes to the hearing level, your Social Security law firm in Wheaton can suggest how you should dress or act in the courtroom. He will also use your medical records to help prove to the judge that you have a veritable disability.

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