Hiring a Drunk Driving Law Attorney in Burlington, VT

When someone is stopped by a police officer under suspicion of drinking and driving, the majority of people don’t know how to fight the charges. There are several steps to take if a DUI charge is given after the occurrence. Here are some tips to keep in mind to possibly reduce or eliminate a DUI charge.

Adhere to All Tests Requested

It is very important to give consent to tests requested. Failing to comply with a breathalyzer test, blood test, or urine test will lead to a larger charge. Since there will be no proof of the blood alcohol content if a blood or urine test is denied, automatic guilt is assumed. Many people do not realize this and find out their driving privileges become revoked soon afterward. It is best to take the tests and rely on an attorney to help reduce charges afterward.

Question Processes Conducted

If the police officer that arrested the driver did not read them their rights, an attorney will use this information in an attempt to reduce charges. The person being arrested may not have understood what was happening at the time of the arrest, leading to conflicting information about the entire procedure. If there was a problem with a breathalyzer test, or if tests were not given at all, again, an attorney will use this to the advantage of the defendant. Make sure to try to remember all procedures used at the time of the arrest so any inadequate steps can be questioned during the hearing.

Hire an Attorney Right Away

It is best to have a lawyer to represent you when dealing with a DUI case. They will know the law and what portions of them may have been handled incorrectly during the traffic stop or arrest. Be sure to hire an attorney immediately so no details of the event are forgotten.

When someone needs a reputable drunk driving law attorney in Burlington, VT, finding one with plenty of prior experience in DUI cases is best. Check out Sawyerlegal.com to find out more and to obtain contact information to schedule a consultation.