Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston SC

by | Mar 13, 2023 | Lawyer

Although for the most part there is no real concern or basis, many people have an instinctive distrust for attorneys. This is due largely to how they are portrayed in the media, through jokes, and many other sources. Attorneys are very necessary in many areas of the legal system, and they are helpful in representing people who end up in court for whatever reason. Take personal injury for instance. When people are injured, the insurance companies work quickly to get the injured party to settle quickly and avoid the costly court process. In these instances, hiring an attorney is often essential in not getting shortchanged.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston SC for example works very hard to get their clients the compensation they deserve. Prospective clients are warned that if they are injured in an automobile accident or elsewhere and it is not their own fault, they need good representation in order to receive their due compensation. Many personal injury cases are due to negligence by another individual, company, or other entity. Negligence is difficult to prove in and of itself, and in the courtroom where much is at stake, it is even tougher. This is where an experienced attorney comes in, to analyze the facts and make a strong case for the client.

Insurance companies will attempt to get the injured person to settle out of court and make statements as quickly as possible in order to improve their position and avoid paying more than what may be justified. If an insurance company speaks to an injured party and gets a statement before legal representation is obtained, this could hurt or even negate a potential case. Insurance companies often try to procure information while the injured person is still mentally rattled by their experience and thus has potentially clouded judgment.

This is why an injured person should consult a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charleston SC before speaking to any insurance company representatives. It should not be assumed that any lawyer will do as there are firms out there who do not have either a good reputation or the expertise to properly represent clients, so careful research is encouraged. If an injury has occurred and it is believed the cause was negligence to another, hiring a lawyer may be advisable. For more information visit Phipps Law Firm.

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