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by | Jan 24, 2012 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Sometimes the consequences of an irrational act, accidental act of negligence or act of impulse can result in a serious crime being committed. The offender is unaware of the ramifications and long range effects of such an act until he or she is convicted. If your act of negligence or passion resulted in the loss of life or serious injury to another human being, you can receive severe penalties and have to serve jail time. The degree of the offense or misdemeanor would determine the punitive measures the law would impose on you. The best person to guide you, protect you from excessive and unfair punishment and fight to reduce or dismiss the accusations against you would be your criminal lawyer.

State laws differ and only experienced lawyers would be able to provide you with the correct guidance. If you find yourself accused of a criminal offense or a misdemeanor, the first person to call would be a trusted, reliable and experienced local criminal lawyer. A criminal record can ruin your career, prevent you from travel and have devastating effects on your personal life. If you are accused in a minor offense or misdemeanor, your criminal lawyer can try to dismiss charges against you and prevent you from being burdened with a criminal record. A record could hamper your chances of future employment and impede your present career development. Marriages and personal relationships take a beating if a partner is charged in a criminal case. To get justice for yourself and your family, consult a criminal lawyer and safeguard your career and your family’s future.

Some of the typical and most common criminal cases in the United States are:

* Summary offenses such as those for creating a public nuisance or for traffic tickets

* Felonies

* Misdemeanors

* Drug offenses

* Drunk driving

* Theft ( shoplifting, embezzlement, car jacking, computer access theft and identity theft of any sort)

* Violent crimes

* Assault

* Juvenile cases

* Internet crimes and pornography

To save yourself endless agony and uncertainty, consult a criminal lawyer at the earliest. Your attorney would be the right person to guide you and make you aware of the possible outcome of the crime or how to plea and how to fight if you are wrongly accused and are innocent. With the right counsel, your charges can be dismissed or reduced. For your best interests, you should get legal help from a qualified criminal lawyer. Harrisburg, PA residents can find timely help at local law firms that deal in criminal cases.

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