How A Personal Injury Attorney In Louisa VA Prove Fault

by | Aug 27, 2013 | Lawyers

The primary focus of a Personal Injury Attorney in Louisa VA is to prove fault within a personal injury lawsuit. It is through this focus and determination that your preferred attorney will build an adequate case for you. Within your case, your attorney will create a timeline to present before the judge that shows the series of events that led to your injury.

Proving Fault

An attorney must prove fault for the case to be viable in court. This means that he or she will have to gather documentation and other evidence to link the injuries sustained to the individual who is accused of causing these injuries. In an automobile accident, it is more probable to prove fault if a police report already exists for the accident.

However, if the accident is a hit and run, it will take the testimony of corroborating witnesses to link the individual with the accident. In some cases, it is necessary to acquire the vehicle of the accused to link it to the victim’s injuries. In addition to the liability of the lawsuit claim, a hit-and-run accident is a criminal offense.

In a Work-related Incident

It is increasingly difficult to prove fault in a work-related incident, if evidence of the injury is not present within the place of employment. A company that fails to acquire worker’s compensation insurance may attempt to cover up a work-related accident to avoid paying medical costs. If this occurs, it is necessary for the attorney to acquire a subpoena from a judge to acquire video surveillance from the security system that monitors the property.

In an Animal Attack

If there were not any witnesses who saw the animal attack, it is initially the word of the victim against that of the owner. In these cases, a Personal Injury Attorney in Louisa VA is required to acquire physical evidence that links the dog to the victim’s wounds. This evidence is obtainable through the emergency services that cared for the victim. However, in order to link the animal to the victim, a subpoena is necessary for most cases to extract physical evidence from the animal, if the owner refused to cooperate.

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