How a Wills and Trusts Lawyer Can Keep Your Family Financially Protected

As people age, they often think of what will happen to their family after they have passed away. They want to ensure their family members are financially secure in the event of their death. While people want to live to a nice old age, the unexpected can occur and their family members can face the devastation of losing a loved one. While it is traumatic enough to lose a family member, it can be even more trying if they are left in a financial bind. With a wills and trusts lawyer in Moline IL, area they can offer the services you require to ensure your family’s financial future.

Services Offered by an Attorney

  • They can create a legal document stating your final wishes and how you want your property distributed.
  • Wills and trust lawyer in Moline IL can help create trusts for underage individuals or family members that are unable to make wise financial decisions.
  • With an attorney, you can legally document what property a family member should inherit and any non-family members you wish to have possession of your property.
  • A lawyer can provide the legal advice you require to determine how to ensure your beneficiaries acquire a majority of their inheritance without having to pay high legal and tax fees.
  • They can be named your representative that distributes your property to the beneficiary.

Consult a Reliable and Trusted Attorney

David J. Franks Attorney at Law is a well-known firm in Illinois that makes it their primary focus to assist their clients in making critical legal decisions. From planning your estate to creating a living will, they know how challenging it can be when preparing for the future. They offer the legal advice you require and the support you need while handling sensitive legal aspects.