How Consumers are Protected by the Lemon Law, Find a Lawyer in Virginia

Most people get excited when they purchase a new vehicle, but many times, they find that the vehicle is always in for repairs or has many issues that cause safety concerns. While you may think you have no options available, the Virginia lemon law is there to protect you. Virginia has such laws in place so that you can get restitution or a new vehicle. However, it’s essential to learn more about the law and consider hiring a lawyer for help, as well.

Is it a Lemon?

To be considered a lemon in your state, the vehicle must have one qualification:

  • One attempt at repair for serious safety issues
  • Be out of service 30 days or more
  • Three attempts at a repair for the same issue

Along with such, these problems must happen during the first 18 months of ownership.

If the manufacturer is unsuccessful at ensuring that your vehicle conforms to the warranty because it can’t be fixed or can’t be fixed within a reasonable timeframe, you are entitled to get a replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price minus a reasonable amount for the use of the car.

Filing a Claim

You must provide notice to the manufacturer in writing, but if you don’t do so before the three attempts at repair, one attempt for safety issue, or 30 days of no service, you must give them one last chance to fix the problem. Many people find that filing claims and gathering all the proof is time-consuming and difficult, so it might be best to hire a lawyer.

The lemon law provides financial restitution if your car cannot be fixed or driven under the warranty rules. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center ® in Virginia to schedule a free case review today.